poor reception


2-channel audio installation




The project poor reception thematises an argument between a man and a woman and functions hereby as a negative example for todays atmosphere of constructive debate. Poor reception is a 2-channel audio installation with two headphones. On the one headphone you can listen to the man's voice, on the other one to the women's. This way the listener is not able to listen to both voices at the same time. This points out the mechanisms of "fighting without listening". Poor reception ist presented in "Best of Design 2013" exhibition in Wilhem-Wagenfeld-Haus in Bremen.



Digital Chinese Wispers


in cooperation with: Martyna Kwasniewsky

performance 2013 


The performance expresses the constant transfer of digital data while communicating and the associated inevitable data loss. A text is beamed to the wall, photographed and transferred via Wi-Fi to another computer. Once transmissioned, the text is converted to a text document with the help of an OCR software. After that the text is written by a digital voice and a voice recognition system tries to understand the written text on another computer. This text extracts are now again beamed to the wall, photographed and so on. This procedure stops, after one device is not able to recognise the text anymore.


photographs by Johanna Wittig




analog, medium-format

b/w print

40cm x 40cm





analog color-print, 30cm x 50cm






analog diacross-prints

60cm x 100cm





A man and a woman walk through the forest, divided by the projection on two screens.

The origin is a jacket, in which pockets the man finds confetti. At the end of his path he fills it into a pair of shoes, which lie in a clearance. Whilst the man is still on his way, the other monitor shows the woman emptying the shoes and filling the confetti into the jacket’s pockets at the end of her hike. Even though the both of them walk the same track they do not cross each other’s paths.

The narration twists like a Moebius strip, the loop leads to an ever growing twist and distortion. (This is recognisable by the woman’s hair, which is bound in front of her face) The principle of infinity is being created by suspense and monotony. At the beginning and the end respectively the impossibility of the displayed actions are conveyed.

The long walk through the forest in between however appears to be tedious and is meant to provoke the viewer’s endurance.

Imke Meyer and Christian Retschlag toy with both time and possibilities of their medium. The video format allows that illogical plots function, that time levels twist and “forward” and “backwards”  are not necessarily distinguishable.

Both artists unite a joy with the absurd, they invent games, which follow their own course and give seemingly banal plots a scope. Their mutual works always have an experimental moment, which is established in this performative approach. This way a mere hike in the forest turns into a illusionistic dream narrative.



text: Jasmin Meinold, translation: Benjamin Staufenbiel

in cooperation with Christian Retschlag

2-channel video installtion



The weak sex


analog color-print, 50cm x 80cm